About Sumi's

Established in the spring of 2005, Sumi's has become a destination for unique jewelry, gifts and more. Owner, Sumi Siegel, has been in retail in some capacity since the 80s. In 1999 she helped her mother Carita start a handbag company called Carita Viola Designs. All the bags are designed and made by Carita in her Helsinki, Finland studio. At Sumi's, you'll find an exclusive selection of her mother's work, from purses to table runners.

"Before opening the store, I was selling my mom's bags to other stores as well as at art festivals all over California. One day in March of 2005, I was taking a walk in my neighborhood, when I came across a vacant store front for rent. I was already selling my mom's work, so it just made sense to open a store." Architectural salvage was used to create much of the space, making for a visually stimulating atmosphere. "Though my mom's bags started it all, we're best known for our jewelry. The range of price and style is really broad. I wanted to have a store that everyone could shop at. So, you'll find the classic conservative piece as well as the edgy bold piece. The main criteria I use for selecting jewelry for the store is that it be handmade and that the source be the artist themselves. Being special is important too. This philosophy goes for the rest of my merchandise as well."

In March of 2011, Sumi finally did what her customers suggest she do, start her own jewelry line. Emma Lou by Sumi's is made by Sumi herself. It's both affordable and pretty. Everything is made to order and if you want something customized, Sumi can do that too.

In the spring of 2014, the store was relocated to Vermont Ave. in Los Feliz.  In the new location, you'll find an array of ceramics, art prints, toys, jewelry, and much more. 

See the store in person at 1812 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027